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Be any where and develop your Tango mind

Tango Lessons with Eleonora Online:

ABC for Tango  

includes  basic movements that you need to know at the beginning. There's  simple ideas how to set up right settings in to your body and organize your dance. Good for ALL levels. 


 Basic Adornos 

It's important to know some options to adorn your Tango at the beginning . If you follow ABC technique you can reach Comfort, Confidence, Beauty and Safety right the way.Don't WAIST your time Learn ABC of Tango with EK now.

ideas how to decorate your dance from the begging + every week new fresh video to explore.


Signature Adornos by EK  

 it's unique way to express yourself  with a special technique created by Eleonora Kalganova. 

More than 25 ideas + every week new fresh video to explore.

Tango Barre  

Recorded Zoom classes, 45 minutes  class step by step. Every class is unique and shows you where you can use basic and signature Adornos.

More than 66 classes + every week new one.


Balance Recorded Zoom classes.

Balance is achieved through the coordination right points in your body. Eleonora's system "Build your balance step by step" Will help you to discover new possibilities to dance more confident and comfortble on your axis. 

NOTE:Every Balance class include different type of exercise  

More than 10 unique 45 classes + every week fresh one

Feet stretching Zoom recorded classes 

For a healthy and flexible feet you need to think about how to get flexible foundation.Since our lower extremities carry most of our body weight, our feet deserve special attention. I suggest that you strengthen and improve the lines of your feet with a certain set of exercises, which are based on ballet foundation along with freedom of natural movement.


NOTE:Every Feet stretching class include different type of exercise   

More than 10 unique classes + one fresh every week.

Fre trial

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