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Eleonora Kalganova's Tango Barre system is built on ballet base with added embellishments which are used in Argentine tango. This system helps with discovering your individuality while giving you a choice. Through proper application of your body, you're able to develop beautiful lines of your torso, legs, and feet. To reach your goal, and specifically, find your way to become unique you will need desire to work towards self-improvement, and daily practice. A number of lessons are presented here for your attention. After completing these you will be able to improvise quite freely. 

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Tango barre with EK

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1.Train your feet to be unique 

2.Sharp step 

3.Replacement in calesita

4.Playful stepitos

5.Milonga what we use to

6.Level up

7.Lapiz around

8.Keep a beat 

9.Initiation for turn

10.Grande boleo

11.Fun combination

12.Fun Canaro

13.Forward instead of backward

14.Circul et the end

15.Air rotation

16. Parada ganchito

17. Full turn

18. Corto+boleo

19. Colgada volcada

20.Round movement

21.Rulo.Rond de jambe en l'air

22.Ocho cortado.strong beat

23.3 way to ocho forward

24.Flow combo

25.Hip mobility 

26.Ocho in to the rulo


28.Diffrent kind of boleos

29.Prolongation of the rhythm .Giro

30.Diffrent types of movement.F and B 

31.3 position for your foot.Derection for your movement

32. Diffrent timing.Vals

33.Spiral heel movement

34.Adorn one line

35.Feet stretching 1

36.Feet stretching 2

37.Feet stretching 3

I hope you'll find this classes very helpful and Fun!

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1. 1 урок $15

2. 3 урока : Растяжка стоп  $40

3. 16 уроков : 

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Темы :

1.Шаг вперёд и назад

2.Очо вперёд 

3.Очо назад 



6.Подвижность бедра 

7.Поток движения

8.Пропустим музыку

9.Назад вместо вперёд 


11.Смягчённое колено



14.Растяжка стоп 1

15.Растяжка стоп 2

16.Растяжка стоп 3