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                                                    Tango Flow

Online education with Eleonora Kalganova
will bring your  dance to the next Level.
Be any where and develop your Tango mind 
Discover a new way to dance and unleash your CREATIVITY  already TODAY
Here you can find EVERYTHING that you need to improve your Dance.


ABC for Tango  (General technique, no partner needed )

Includes  basic movements that you need to know at the beginning. There's  simple ideas how to set up right settings in to your body and organize your dance. Good for ALL levels. 


Basic Adornos 

Ideas how to decorate your dance from the begging .

It's important to know some options to adorn your Tango at the beginning . If you follow ABC technique you can reach Comfort, Confidence, Beauty and Safety right the way.


Signature Adornos by EK  

It is unique way to express yourself  with a special technique created by Eleonora Kalganova. 

Tango Barre  

Tango classes at the barre  step by step. Every class is unique and shows you where you can use basic and signature Adornos.


Balance  classes.

Balance is achieved through the coordination right points in your body. Eleonora's system "Build your balance step by step" Will help you to discover new possibilities to dance more confident and comfortble on your axis. 

NOTE:Every Balance class include different type of exercise  

Feet stretching classes 

For a healthy and flexible feet you need to think about how to get flexible foundation.Since our lower extremities carry most of our body weight, our feet deserve special attention. I suggest that you strengthen and improve the lines of your feet with a certain set of exercises, which are based on ballet foundation along with freedom of natural movement.

NOTE:Every Balance class include different type of exercise

Tango Musicality coming soon

Simple and accessible ideas for learning  musical phrases, as well as accents in TANGO music. 

EK ideas will give you freedom for improvisation and access to an interesting dialogue with a partner in motion. 

Examples of several orchestras and their famous SONGS will be provided to your attention.

TIP:Listen to good music so that you can identify musicality when you hear it.

Tango for couples  coming soon

 After you got all General ideas by EK it's time to create a great connection between you and your partner and become unique and interesting couple. Here you can find different fun combinations that will open next LEVEL for your TANGO.

Ballet barre base   coming soon

To know the basics of ballet, you don’t need to go back to childhood, just a great desire and goal to explore the base on which any direction of dance is built, namely the base of ballet. The ballet barre provides you with the opportunity to correct: posture, balance, and also tones the body muscles.


Exercises with Stability Ball  coming soon

Exercises with stability ball created by EK it's a mix of different position that we are using in Ballet and Tango 

Benefits of the Stability Ball

Exercises with yoga block and resistance band

Yoga blocks and resistance bands is an excellent way to deepen your  daily practice routine and enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Full body stretch

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. so ready to warm up all your body with EK?

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This is the most needed information-technique for  all level Tango and non Tango dancers.
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